What Are Some Causes Of Orofacial Pain?

Orofacial pain refers to pain that occur in the head, neck, mouth, jaw or face. This type of pain is quite common, and affects many people. Orofacial pain can affect one’s quality of life and may be very frustrating to deal with, especially if the cause of the pain is not known. Read on to find out more about the possible causes of orofacial pain. 


One of the most common causes of orofacial pain is related to dental issues. Such pain could be acute and short-lasting. Depending on what causes the pain, different types of doctors may be able to treat it. This includes an oral surgeon, a dentist, a neurologist or a pain specialist. 

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)

If there is pain on only one side of the face, it may be caused by TMD, especially if your chewing muscles are involved. TMD is a common cause of facial pain, and affects approximately 12% of the population.  The temporomandibular joint connects the bones in the jaw and any disorders that are associated with this joint are classified as Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD).

The joint is very intricate, and consists of a series of ligaments, muscles, bones and discs. When problems occur in this joint, people may feel discomfort and pain when moving the jaw. 

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Orofacial pain can also be due to burning mouth syndrome (BMS). Most people describe this pain as a burning sensation in the mouth cavity. This pain could be on the tip of the tongue, or in other areas of the mouth. Such pain can be quite severe. Many people who have burning mouth syndrome also reported that they experienced other symptoms like xerostomia and taste alterations. Women seem to be particularly affected by this condition, especially if they have already gone through menopause.

The cause of pain that patients feel in the burning mouth syndrome is not readily identifiable. Due to this, practitioners sometimes overlook the possibility of this condition. Currently, BMS is categorized as a chronic neuropathic pain condition. Advanced methods are needed in order to accurately diagnose and treat this condition.

Head Pain Institute Can Help with Orofacial Pain

Are you dealing with orofacial pain and are not sure what to do to treat it? The Head Pain Institute can help with the pain. We have a team of professionals that are able to assess your condition, and recommend the best treatment plan to help alleviate the pain you are experiencing. We understand that orofacial pain can be very frustrating to deal with, and are committed to help our clients feel better. Contact us today to find out more about the treatment options available!