Why Cold Laser Treatment is better than Painkillers for Migraines?

Since the beginning of modern science, people have been using over-the-counter medicines such as painkillers to treat head ailments such as headaches to the more severe: a migraine. Whenever you feel head pain, just pop two painkillers into your mouth and hope the medicine works. But there is a more effective and natural way to treat your headaches: cold laser treatment.  We will explain the difference between cold-laser treatment vs. painkillers and why the former is a great alternative to narcotics.

What is Laser Therapy?

Lower-level laser therapy, aka cold laser therapy works by placing the laser directly on the spot causing head pain to stimulate healing. Post-treatment, in most cases, the pain will be relieved.  In some patients, the pain can occur occasionally.

Cold Laser Therapy as a Pain Reliever

The procedure works through the usage of cold-laser therapy, a light-infused laser treatment that is applied directly to the source of the problem that is causing the head pain. Your doctor or treatment provider will help you find the primary cause of your head pain and plan your treatment according to the severity of your condition. In a short time, you will feel your head pain subsiding.

How Well is Laser Therapy Received Today?

Laser treatment works just as effectively in treating migraine issues despite its original purpose which was to treat skin conditions and infertility:

  • Injury-related migraines are treated by applying the laser directly to the affected spot so it can stimulate Besides that, laser treatments can be used for other types of headaches such as clusters, tension headaches, sinus headaches, and TMJ pain.
  • Those who suffer from TMJ head pain will benefit from this treatment due to positive improvements in their serotonin and blood flow. Also, other types of severe headaches sufferers will experience less chronic symptoms in a short Most patients can forgo painkillers altogether since their pain have been relieved because the cause of their pain has healed.

Where to Get the Best Cold Laser Treatment?

Choose natural healing instead of painkillers to relieve your head pain.  Contact the Head Pain Institute to schedule an appointment. We are professional healthcare providers that specialize in treating all kinds of head pain.