When Should You See Your Doctor About Headaches?

Most headaches are harmless, especially those that come and go regularly and are non-life-threatening. Headaches can range from mild to severe, depending on the person’s condition. For many, it is generally fine for someone to suffer from occasional headaches. But what happens if your headache suddenly develops into something more chronic? Let us explain what you need to know about headaches and when should you see your doctor about it.

What are Headaches in General?

Headaches or primary head pain is a common medical condition that affects nearly half the population in the world. Characteristics of a headache include an aching pain in the entire head and face area.

When to See a Doctor about Your Headaches?

Headache symptoms vary from one person to another. But knowing when to seek medical assistance can help you avoid all the unwanted mental and physical health problems in the short and long term. Get immediate help if you experience a new, sudden headache that comes along with:

  • Unexplained weakness, dizziness, sudden loss of coordination and paralysis of the body are signs that your headache is not getting any better. If you experience all of these symptoms at once, get medical help immediately.
  • You feel you have speech coordination problems, delirium, sudden seizures and a change in personality for the worse. For example, developing an alter ego that encourages you to involve in reckless behavior such as gambling and unplanned shopping sprees.
  • You developed an aura or double vision that affects your eyesight. As a result, you lose your ability to see images such as objects or shapes.
  • As the headache progresses, you develop a high fever together with shortness of breath, neck numbness and a severe rash. These accompanying symptoms can put your life at risk by delaying treatment.
  • You endure sleepless nights due to severe head pain. Often, you will wake up feeling confused, as if you are having a nightmare.
  • You experience severe nausea and vomiting even though it is not due to gastrointestinal problems or food poisoning. The combination of both nausea and vomiting may put you in discomfort and extreme suffering.
  • You suddenly develop a new type of headache during mid-life or when you have reached 50 years or older. These headaches can be excruciating.
  • Strenuous physical activity such as gardening, exercise, or even coughing can trigger or worsen your headache. These headaches can interrupt your daily life so that you become less productive.
  • You never have a history of headaches but, you only start experiencing them right after a head injury or accident.

Relief is Possible

The Head Pain Institute is available to diagnose and relieve your pain through proven treatments. We provide you with the best treatment for your head pain so that you can come out feeling like a brand new person, minus the annoying and pesky headache, of course!