Need Relief For Chronic Headaches?

Chronic headaches have the ability to affect a person’s quality of life. People who suffer from this condition are often unable to concentrate at work or school. Worse, they often have to take painkillers in order to manage the problem. This, in turn, may lead to addiction which further complicates the problem. However, there are other ways of treating chronic headaches. The first step your doctor will take is to understand why you have headaches. There are a number of causes including dental problems as well as stress. Treatment of chronic headaches is then determined by the cause. Here are some ways to manage this problem.


This is a class of medication that helps to lower blood pressure, a common cause of chronic headaches. Beta-blockers slow the patient’s heartrate which in turn lowers blood pressure. If your doctor prescribes beta-blockers to manage your chronic headache, remember to strictly follow the medication regime as indicated.

TMJ Disorder

Another common cause of chronic headaches is TMJ disorders. TMJ or temporomandibular joint is the area that hinges the upper and the lower jaw. For a variety of reasons, this area can get damaged, injured or infected and lead to neck and headaches. Fortunately, this condition can be treated and is easy to identify as it has some very unique symptoms.

Lifestyle Changes

In some cases, chronic headaches may be caused by stress and fatigue. People who work highly stressful jobs often struggle with chronic headaches. Headaches can be made worse by poor sleeping and eating habits. In conjunction with other treatment approaches, the doctor may recommend the patient make changes to their lives. For example, the patient may have to reduce weight or perhaps change jobs to create a less stressful lifestyle.

Dietary Changes

A common cause of chronic headaches is our diet. Drinking alcohol can contribute to chronic headaches. As part of a treatment approach, your doctor may recommend reducing or even eliminating alcohol consumption in its entirety. Sugar, fizzy drinks, and other unhealthy snacks can also make chronic headaches worse as they lead to weight gain and high blood pressure.

At Head Pain Institute, we have pioneered several approaches to treating chronic headaches. We avoid some of the common treatment approaches such as the use of painkillers in favor of safer and natural methods. We have a team of recognized experts who are some of the best in this field. We use evidence-based methods to ensure that we treat the headache as well as the underlying causes.