How Laser Is Used To Promote Healing

One of the latest innovations to promote healing is using light energy from lasers. Lasers have been proven to be effective in promoting healing and alleviating pain in the past few years since it has been introduced. With the advancement of technology, this treatment method is becoming increasingly popular and common to facilitate healing in different areas of the body. Some laser therapies that patients can consider include cold laser. Read on to find out more about how lasers are used to promote healing!

How do Lasers Work?

Lasers make use of light energy to promote healing in the body, and is a treatment that is available for many types of applications. These laser lights have different wavelengths, which mean they have differing abilities to activate and penetrate tissue. Lasers are non-invasive, and can be considered a type of therapeutic treatment designed for the body to promote its own healing. This type of treatment reduces inflammation and alleviates pain in the body.

Benefits of Lasers

Lasers are usually used in conjunction with other more traditional treatments. They have a very special healing effect on tissues and cells within our bodies. Lasers are great at promoting blood flow within the body, allowing the body to produce more endorphins. It can also help to reduce inflammation, which facilitates the healing process and lessens the amount of pain felt. The effects of laser therapy are most impactful at a cellular level. Not only do they increase the rate at which new blood vessels form, the production of collagen is also stimulated, which helps to reduce scar tissues. Cells will also be able to release more energy, resulting in a shorter amount of recovery time. Lymphatic activity is enhanced, which can help to decrease edema or swelling. Lasers can also help stabilize nerve cells, helping to prevent pain levels from increasing.

Use of Cold Laser for TMD

Lasers are an effective treatment for those who suffer from TMD. Cold lasers have a wave pattern that is synchronized in order to provide a simultaneous and efficient impact on contracture, inflammation, edema and pain. Cold laser patients with TMJ dysfunction have reported their treatments significantly helped to reduce the amount of inflammation and pain they felt. 

The popularity of cold lasers has been on the rise due to being one of the best non-invasive ways to treat ailments such as TMD. Cold lasers effectively help to reduce the severity of a TMJ dysfunction. Before you seek treatment, do your research.  It is important to seek professionals who are licensed and certified that can provide cold laser treatment. 

If you are considering giving cold laser a shot to help deal with TMD or other head or neck issues, feel free to contact the Head Pain Institute today. Our team of professionals can provide the advice you need, and carry out the treatment in a safe and efficient manner.