Down but Not Out: Depression and Migraine

Keywords: Migraine, depression, orofacial pain, headaches, chronic headaches, and primary headache.

Today, the ties between major depression and migraine are well documented. Symptoms of both include pain, decreased energy, decreased concentration, and trouble sleeping. In the early 1960’s, Dr. Seymour Diamond published his research in the journal Headache about using the same medication to treat both depression and headache. This of course was a major development in medicine and has greatly influenced the way physicians treat both depression and migraines today. According to a study published in the March 2012 issue of the journal Headache: People with major depressive episodes are 40 percent more likely to develop migraine than people who don’t experience depression, and people with migraine are 80 percent more likely to develop major depressive episodes than people who don’t experience migraines. Research states that depression can trigger migraine and migraine can trigger depression. At AZTMJ, Dr. Stan Farrell focuses on the treatment of all types of headaches including migraine. Dr. Stan Farrell is Board Certified and a member of the American Headache Society and a Diplomate with the American Board of Orofacial Pain, making him one of the best choices for your migraine headache treatment. If you or someone you know is experiencing the signs and symptoms of headaches, migraines and or depression, please schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Farrell at 480-945-3629.

Published in Head Wise magazine, volume 2, issue 2, 2012 by Jackie Walker Gibson