Botox as a Migraine preventative Treatment

Can BOTOX be a safe and efficient form of treatment for migraine? Botulinum toxin type A (BOTOX) injections often reduce the pain associated with conditions such as myofascial pain syndrome and cervical dystonia. A recent study suggested the use of BOTOX for patients with migraine. This was a double-blind, vehicle-controlled study of 123 subjects with a history of two to eight moderate-to-severe migraine attacks per month. Each subject randomly received 25 units or 75 units of BOTOX injected into multiple sites of pericranial muscles. All subjects kept daily diaries recording migraine frequency, migraine severity, and the occurrence of migraine-associated symptoms for a 3 month period.

The results showed significantly fewer migraine attacks per month, a reduced severity of migraines, a reduced number of days using acute migraine medications, and reduced incidence of migraine-associated vomiting. The BOTOX treatment was also well tolerated by all subjects. This study concluded that BOTOX injections were not only safe but significantly reduced migraine frequency, migraine severity, acute medication usage, and associated vomiting.

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