TMJ Headaches

TMJ headaches can be one of the most misdiagnosed of any type of headaches. TMJ headache can mirror those of tension headache, sinus headache, migraine headache, and sometimes cluster headache.

Migraine: Many TMJ patients experience migraine headaches. The pressure placed on the jaw joints causes the muscles to be in a constant state of tension. This can lead to intense pain and often sensitivity to light.

Cluster Headache: A sudden burst of pain behind the eye. Cluster headaches are less common than migraine, and more common in men than women.

Sinus Headache: A pressure based headache, the symptoms can include earaches and runny nose. The sinus symptoms occur because of the close proximity of the ear, nose and jaw. Sometimes patients have reported having more sinus infections once diagnosed with TMJ.

Tension Headache: Ranging from a dull ache to sharp pain, tension headaches can be felt from the jaw on down to the neck and shoulders. Eating, yawning or swallowing can increase the pain felt in the jaw and or the temple area. The pain is sometimes described as a tight band squeezing around the head.

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