Is it a Headache or a Migraine?

It can be difficult to tell whether you are experiencing a headache or a migraine. However, it is important that you identify the pain in order to have fast relief. Learning how to identify headaches or migraines can also help you prevent them in the future. Headaches can range from mild to moderate pain and typically occur on both sides of the head. A typical headache can last for about 30 minutes and can be triggered by stress or anxiety. Tension headaches are the most common type of headache. Other types of headaches include cluster headaches and sinus headaches. A migraine headache is severe or intense pain usually accompanied by addition symptoms such as nausea, ear pain, aura (seeing spots or flashing lights), vision loss, and vomiting.

At AZTMJ, Dr. Stan Farrell is one of the best-qualified doctors in the country for treating head pain. Dr. Stan Farrell is Board Certified and a member of the American Headache Society and a Diplomate with the American Board of Orofacial Pain, making him one of the best choices for your migraine headache treatment. If you or someone you know is experiencing the signs and symptoms of headache and or migraines, please schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Farrell at 480-945-3629 or visit us online at