What Can Happen If TMD Is Left Untreated?

Unfortunately, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) sufferers don’t always seek treatment. Because normal tasks can easily aggravate untreated TMD, the resulting pain is hard to avoid in many cases. Because various serious medical conditions can result from untreated TMD, treatment by a provider should be pursued and is, in fact, highly recommended.

TMD – What Is It?

A disorder of the jaw-located temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is referred to as TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder. It can either be chronic or intermittent and causes pain and discomfort. The disorder can frequently go untreated because signs and symptoms are overlooked. This is, in part, because they mirror signs of stress. Serious lifelong consequences can result from failure to get the condition treated.

Nontreatment of TMD – The Dangers

The following are situations that can arise if TMD is left untreated:

  • Jaw and tinnitus problems – Since the jaw joint, or TMJ, is located directly beneath the ears, joint pain caused  by the TMJ disorder can lead to permanently compromised hearing or tinnitus. Resulting in recurring dizziness, vertigo, and difficulties with balance.  Inner ear problems can also be a result of TMD.

Lockjaw is another serious problem that can result from TMD. Many times, a trip to the hospital could be required because the person’s jaw could be stuck open or closed.

  • Dental health issues – Numerous dental health issues can result from putting off TMD Worn down enamel or fractured teeth can be a result of the clenching and grinding of teeth.

Unsymmetrical muscle growth and swelling on one side of the face can result because TMD sufferers tend to favor one jaw side over the other. Eventually, a lopsided appearance can appear in some of these patients.

  • Various additional medical conditions – A host of medical conditions can be the outcome of untreated TMD. Frequently, self-medication is used by TMD sufferers to alleviate pain. Over time, addiction can be a result. Left untreated by a doctor, drug abuse and/or alcoholism can result.

Additionally, insomnia and other sleep disturbance issues can result from the grinding of teeth combined with constant TMJ pain.

Negatively impacting quality of life, relationships, job performance, and more, depression can be a result of TMD symptoms eventually. Eating disorders, malnutrition, and more can occur if TMD is left untreated. This is because some sufferers choose not to eat at all or only ingest liquids and/or soft foods.

The good news is, through nonsurgical, safe treatments, TMD can be successfully and, in many cases, permanently treated. No one should have to suffer through the medical conditions that can result from untreated TMD.

Head Pain Institute For TMD Pain Relief

At HPI, we offer a number of therapies to treat TMJ disorders and the associated orofacial pain. TMJ problems can finally be treated with today’s technologies in the orofacial pain field. A high rate of success is extremely common.

Your symptoms are not simply acknowledged here at Head Pain Institute. We allow you a more comfortable lifestyle through the diagnosis and treatment of your discomfort and its cause.

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