TMJ Pain

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is considered one of the most complex joint in the body. How do you know if it’s causing your pain? For as often as the TMJ joint is used (talking, chewing, and swallowing), if there is any kind of damage to the joint it can be very debilitating. A number of events could cause damage to the TMJ joint or result in pain to the jaw area such as stress or anxiety, teeth grinding, and trauma to the jaw. Symptoms of TMJ disorder include sore or tired jaw muscles, headache or neck pain, ear pain, and jaw clicking or popping. A TMJ disorder is difficult to diagnose because the pain can be described in many different ways. Pain can be sharp or dull; it can be painful in or around the ear or radiate elsewhere. The pain can often cause spasms in the face and jaw muscles. Ear pain, being the most commonly reported, can often be consistent with a TMJ disorder. If there is no ear infection, it is most likely TMJ.

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