Being Thankful Improves Your Health

Pain is real, and there’s nothing worse than being in pain. 🙁

Here at the Head Pain Institute® we are constantly reminded of this, and we strive to always be thankful for our health.

Did you know that scientific evidence is conclusive when it comes to mood, outlook, and health. Happy people live up to 10 years longer than unhappy people, and optimists have a 77% lower risk of heart disease than pessimists.

Research shows that consistently grateful people are happier, more energetic, more hopeful, more helpful, more empathic, more spiritual, more forgiving, and less materialistic. They’re also less likely to be depressed, anxious, lonely, envious, neurotic, or sick.

In light of the Labor Day Holiday, lets look this weekend to all that we have to be grateful for 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and if you’re suffering from TMJ/TMD pain, Headaches, migraines, or suffer from sleep apnea, we’ve got you covered and we will be here for you on Tuesday.

At the Head Pain Institute®, we have the best-qualified doctors in the country for treating TMJ pain. Our state-of-the-art treatments are proven to alleviate pain over the long term without the dangers of addiction to prescribed medications. Our non-invasive approach to treating TMJ, which includes the use of a dental splint device, can often reposition the jaw without discomfort and helps strengthen facial muscles to assist in maintaining the proper jaw position over the long term. If you or someone you know is experiencing jaw pain or any type of facial pain please schedule an appointment for a consultation at 480-945-3629.