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People who suffer from ailments like temporomandibular joint TMJ pain, chronic headaches and migraines will know that it is not an easy task to find an effective treatment to combat the pain. Often, over-the-counter medication only provide short term relief, and the pain comes back after awhile. Furthermore, sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint the exact problem when it comes to pain. There may not be an obvious root problem, and those who suffer from pain may not know what they should do next.

Head Pain Institute works with such people to develop suitable recovery plans to help deal with the pain they experience for the long-term. Our team of pain specialists are highly-skilled and knowledgeable and can help to assess your condition to determine what the best treatment is for you. We offer the latest, most effective treatments like cold laser treatment to help lessen the pain arising from TMJ disorders and more.

Head Pain Doctor in Sun City

People who usually get pounding headaches or migraines may often choose to turn to medication from pharmacies for pain relief. However, they do not always work and may sometimes even bring about a host of negative side effects like drowsiness or loss of appetite. Sun City’s head pain specialists can help people who suffer from chronic pain find a long-term solution and eliminate the pain they are facing. With the skillset and knowledge these pain doctors have, they will be able to recommend the best treatment for your circumstance and tailor a treatment plan based on your condition.

Cold Laser Treatment in Sun City

When a patient undergoes cold laser treatment, light photons from the laser will penetrate the temporomandibular joint and the tissues surrounding the joint. As the energy output of these lasers are not high, the tissue does not get heated up. This means that these cold lasers are completely safe and comfortable, which makes it an increasingly popular treatment among those who suffer from chronic pain. For the best effects, patients are recommended to undergo 6 to 12 treatments based on their conditions. However, some patients have claimed that they have seen significant improvements despite only going for a few sessions.

Laser energy from the cold laser treatment helps to boost production of red blood cells. This means that the blood cells are better able to carry oxygen to the damaged tissues, thus speeding up healing and regeneration of cells within the body. The laser energy can also help reduce any inflammation within the affected areas, and support tissue healing within the body. The cold laser treatments we provide are scientifically proven to work and have proved to be effective for many patients who have undergone the procedure before. If you are feeling helpless and frustrated in dealing with your chronic pain, Head Pain Institute can help you.

Why Should Sun City Residents Choose Head Pain Institute?

At Head Pain Institute, we understand the exasperation in not being able to eliminate the pain in our bodies. Our pain specialists go the extra mile to help our clients, ensuring that they have the best recovery plan tailored to suit them in order to get the most effective results. Head Pain Institute holds a Diplomate Status from the American Board of Orofacial Pain. Furthermore, we have specialists who are members of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. As such, you can have peace of mind knowing that the doctors who work in Head Pain Institute are highly qualified and will be able to help you.

Till today, our clientele base is still growing with satisfied customers. We have successfully treated thousands of patients and have performed over 12,000 procedures. We look forward to helping you achieve a physically pain-free life ahead.

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