Snoring or is it sleep apnea?

Not everyone that snores has sleep apnea, and not everyone who has sleep apnea snores. So how do you tell the difference between normal snoring and snoring that hinting towards a serious case of sleep apnea?

The biggest indication is how you feel through out the day. Normal snoring does not always interfere with the quality of your sleep as much as sleep apnea does, so you’re less likely to suffer from extreme fatigue or sleepiness while your awake.

If one thinks that they or someone they know may have obstructive sleep apnea, they should discuss their symptoms here at Az-Sleep (a division of Head Pain Institute®) with a Board Certified Sleep Doctor as soon as possible.

At AZ-Sleep, a division of Head Pain Institute®, our team uses the latest technology in home sleep testing equipment and diagnostic monitoring. Our physicians will complete a thorough examination in order to determine the best treatment options for each patient. The results of our in home sleep test are read by our team to determine the presence of a sleep disorder. In addition to offering CPAP and APAP, we can provide an alternative, an oral sleep appliance. If patients meet the criteria for an oral appliance, we can fabricate one for them. We carefully monitor and track our patients’ progress and response to treatment. Our unique approach and model allows us to quickly diagnose and treat patients. If you or someone you know might be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, please schedule an initial consultation today with our sleep experts at 480-945-3629.