How to Relieve Chronic TMJ Pain with AmnioBoost

amnioboost tmjTreatments for TMJ have come a long way and they are continuing to change based on new scientific developments.

With the studies done on amniotic fluids and how they impact the body, alternative treatments are more popular than ever before.

So, what exactly is AmnioBoost and how can it help you? What does it have to do with amniotic fluid or regenerative injection therapy?

If you’re interested in this potential option, check out more information on this excellent treatment option for TMJ below.

What Is AmnioBoost?

AmnioBoost is something that has been developed to treat joint pain that comes from osteoarthritis and TMJ. It is a minimally processed supplement developed from amniotic fluids.

Amniotic fluid is a byproduct that comes naturally from birth and can easily be extracted during a Caesarian section. There is no harm to either the baby or the mother when this fluid is extracted, making it a great option for regenerative injection therapy.

This option is a simple and effective way to help new and healthy cells grow in the body. One of the things that many people love about this option for TMJ treatment is that it is 100% natural.

Using AmnioBoost for TMJ Pain

Stem cell regenerative injection therapy uses stem cells that will promote regeneration within the body. AmnioBoost is simply one form of this type of treatment. 

AmnioBoost is a safe, natural treatment option. People suffering from TMJ pain find relief using regenerative injection therapy as an alternative to traditional, invasive treatments.

In some people, it may completely eliminate the need for surgery or other types of treatments that most people want to avoid. As some people may not be able to tolerate surgery, AmnioBoost is a safe and effective alternative that allows people to feel better faster.

How Does AmnioBoost Work?

There are obviously other regenerative injection therapy techniques that are used, so why is AmnioBoost such a great option?

First, it is completely human made and is, therefore, immune-privileged. This means there is no inflammatory response in the immune system from using it.

The second thing to consider is that amniotic fluids are similar to the fluid in adult human bodies called synovial fluid. This healthy fluid also contains ultrafiltrates, like amniotic fluid, and these come from blood plasma. You can also find growth factor proteins, cholesterol, phospholipids, and other important compounds that help the body heal and grow.

Lastly, amniotic fluid can help restore pH levels in the body again due to the similarities with synovial fluid similarities. Both have a pH level of about 7.0, meaning it is more likely to help restore the toxic environment created by TMJ or by osteoarthritis. 

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Why continue to suffer when you can relieve the inflammation, toxicity, and pain in your body with a safe, natural treatment? AmnioBoost can give you the TMJ pain relief you need. 

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