Increased Prevalence of Sleep Disorders in Chronic Headache

Sleep Apnea, Chronic Migraine, Headache

Increased Prevalence of Sleep Disorders in Chronic Headache: A Case Control Study

Elisa Sancisi MD, PhD, Sabina Cevoli MD, PhD, Luca Vignatelli MD, PhD, Marianna Nicodemo MD, Giulia Pierangeli MD, PhD, Stefano Zanigni MD, Daniela Grimaldi MD, PhD, Pietro Cortelli MD, PhD, Pasquale Montagna MD
October 2010 (Volume 50, Issue 9, Pages 1464-1472)

It is hypothesized that sleep disturbances may lead to more frequent headaches. The aim of this study was to determine the occurrence of sleep disorders in patients with chronic headache (>15 days/ month) as compared to patients with episodic headache (<8 days/month). Patients kept a headache diary for three months and then were interviewed about sleep habits (falling asleep, arousals at night, waking early, snoring, daytime sleepiness) and given structured evaluations about mood and anxiety. These researchers found that patients with chronic headache had significantly more insomnia and snoring as well as more anxiety and depression. Those with chronic headache also were using more medications for sleep and more antidepressants.

The participants in this study were referred to a headache center, and so were likely a group with more troublesome headaches. In addition, they self-reported sleep disturbances, which may lead to an over- or underestimate of problems. However, despite these biases, this study raises awareness of sleep and mood as topics that should be discussed openly between physicians and patients and be addressed as symptoms to treat in order to help chronic headache management.

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