How Effective Is Botox For Migraine Relief?

When people, mostly women, hear about Botox injections, the first thing that comes to mind is cosmetic use. However, as the practice became popular, those who used it frequently noticed that it has a positive effect on managing migraines. It was to be later established that one can effectively use Botox therapeutically for migraine relief. This was great news for those who had been looking for an effective treatment. For example, those who experience headaches frequently know how stressing it can be to take medications every day. It becomes even more difficult when the medications become less effective. Let’s find out how effective Botox is for migraine relief.

Botox Reduces Migraine Frequency

Women are the ones who experience migraines more frequently.  Studies have shown a link between fluctuating estrogen levels and migraines. Because of that, and unfortunately, having a recurring migraine is something that many women have learned to live with. However, it does not have to be that way when you have access to Botox injections. According to recent studies, women who had therapeutic Botox treatment reduced the frequency of migraines by 50%. Additionally, the migraines were milder, especially when the injections focused on the areas that were the cause of the headaches.

Botox Works Fast

When treating headaches and migraines, Botox has been known to work faster than other methods. This is more likely to happen in the case of chronic headaches because it goes straight to the nerves that cause the pain. Pain relief is known to last for a longer period, unlike other medications that may last for a few minutes or a couple of hours before the pain comes back.

Botox is Hassle-Free

The hazards of narcotic medication are well-documented.  Wouldn’t you like to avoid possible addiction knowing your body requires higher narcotic doses over time to obtain the same results? While physical therapy may be effective under certain conditions, it may not be the best option for many people with busy lives. Therapeutic Botox is a simple treatment option for migraine relief involving only a few injections in typically a single appointment to achieve longer term relief of migraine pain.

Whether the migraine is triggered by sleep disorders or any other condition, Botox is a proven option for treatment. However, if you choose Botox for migraine treatment, be sure the injections are administered by a professional. Receive treatment in a medical clinic that has experienced practitioners who know how to use therapeutic Botox.  Make your life enjoyable and free from annoying, recurring headaches and migraines.