Headaches and migraines are complicated ailments because they have many possible causes. You could have a headache triggered by environmental factors like being around too many toxins, or your headache could be caused by genetic or neurological changes. Whether you are suffering from long-lasting or mild headaches, one of the most important things you should do is to visit a professional head pain doctor. At Head Pain Institute, we use advanced diagnostic technology to find the neurological problems that might be causing your distress so that we can get you the most effective treatment. Having treated over 12,000 cases, we can confidently say we have dealt with the most complicated types of head pain and achieved success. If you need comprehensive treatment that will improve the quality of your life, connect with us now!

Head Pain Doctor in Goodyear

Whether serious or not, headaches can occur as a result of many conditions. The most basic causes of headaches include head injury, common colds, rapid ingestion of cold foods and drinks, dental or sinus issues, viral infections, loud noises, and more. There is no standard treatment for headaches. The form of treatment you get depends on the underlying cause. At Head Pain Institute, we have the best-trained head pain doctors in Goodyear. When you come to us, we don’t administer treatment immediately. We use advanced technology to screen the root cause of your pain so that we can address your problem effectively.

Our team is committed to providing all clients with comprehensive treatment. This is why we work closely with every patient to create a fully customized plan that addresses their unique pain problems. Since everyone experiences head pain differently, we provide a wide range of treatment options. Book an appointment today and find a solution that will eliminate headaches once and for all!

Cold Laser Treatment in Goodyear

Cold laser treatment is a low-intensity therapy which stimulates healing utilizing low levels of light. This technique is known as the “cold” laser because the levels of light used don’t produce enough heat to heat the body tissue. Our cold laser treatment procedures have proven effective in temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), cluster headaches, sinus headaches, cervical genic headaches, tension headaches, migraines, and more.

Before we administer laser treatment, we have to first look at your medical history, analyze your symptoms, and determine the exact cause of your headache. By doing this, we are able to assess whether or not you need a treatment program that incorporates the use of laser light technology.

Why Should Goodyear Residents Choose Head Pain Institute?

At Head Pain Institute, we take pride in some of the best doctors in Goodyear and beyond. They undertake their duties with the utmost professionalism and are committed to providing every patient with quality healthcare. They hold a diplomate from the American Board of Orofacial Pain (ABOP). Additionally, they are members of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. When you come to us, you receive care from a team of experts who will do everything possible to ensure you live a pain-free, comfortable life.

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