If you live in Glendale and you suffer from headaches, migraines, TMJ disorder, or orofacial pain, Head Pain Institute can help. We are the leading provider of head and orofacial pain treatment services. Our doctors pay attention to a variety of head pains, and therefore, they can identify all triggers and eliminate them.

We offer painless and non-invasive treatments to ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout the process. As members of the American Board of Orofacial Pain, we provide treatments that are based on research. That is the reason we have been successful in treating pain in cases where simple therapies have failed. Our happy and satisfied customers are enough evidence that we can provide effective treatments for head pain.

Head Pain Doctor in Glendale

We provide evidence-based diagnosis and treatment methods in Glendale. Other treatment methods have been tested and proven to alleviate pain. Because of that, we can help you to avoid the dangers associated with prescribed pain medications. Apart from identifying the triggers of headaches, we focus on providing unique experiences for every patient because we know that everyone has a unique problem depending on their situation. By treating a variety of TMJ disorders, we help you eliminate orofacial pain which can also be a cause for headaches and migraines. The best part is that our treatments do not involve risky procedures such as surgery or lots of medications.

Cold Laser Treatment in Glendale

At Head Pain Institute, we utilize state-of-the-art laser equipment to provide the best laser treatments in Glendale. Our treatments penetrate deep and can handle larger volumes of tissues. We also speed up recovery. What makes our services is even better is the fact that we reduce the frequency of migraines and other types of head pain by working on the muscles and joints because they are the main sources of pain. Our doctors will take you through several procedures to make sure that they identify the cause of your head pain and treat it accordingly.

Why Should Glendale Residents Choose Head Pain Institute?

Our team of experienced doctors uses innovative treatment methods to make sure that you enjoy health benefits that exceed any relief that over-the-counter drugs may provide. Whether you suffer from moderate or severe pain, you are likely to have a difficult time carrying out your daily duties. It becomes even worse when you have a family or job to take care of. In most cases, pain in the head or the neck is made worse with increased activity. That is the reason we focus on helping you eliminate such pain without having to take you through too many uncomfortable procedures. Our goal is to relieve pain using the most effective treatments.

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