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For most people, headaches are not harmful and, typically, will resolve on their own. Some headaches, however, may recur frequently for certain people. The pain may be so severe that it causes major effects on the sufferer’s lifestyle. If your headache is causing you significant concern, it is recommended to seek medical attention. People experience headaches that are usually categorized into either tension headaches or migraines. Migraines may cause pain in one or both sides of the head and, in some cases, be worsened by bright lights. For some people, migraines are hereditary, as a number of sufferers report that one or more family members also suffer from headaches. For safe and effective migraine treatment services in Gainey Ranch, let the Head Pain Institute help you.

Head Pain Doctor in Gainey Ranch

It is often tempting to take medication when you experience a headache. However, the consequences of taking over-the-counter medicines for an extended period of time can be devastating. Such medication may worsen headaches or cause damage to the liver, kidneys, or stomach if consumed in larger quantities.  It is recommended to seek proper medical treatment for such conditions instead. Our head pain doctors in Gainey Ranch have years of experience managing and treating complex orofacial pain problems. The Head Pain Institute works closely with clients to determine the causes of their pain and develop personalized treatment plans for their recovery. The Head Pain Institute can help improve your conditions including treating temporomandibular disorders that affect the neck and head and treating episodic and continuous orofacial pain. 

Cold Laser Treatment in Gainey Ranch

Cold laser is a type of treatment using light photons to penetrate the surrounding tissues of a patient’s temporomandibular joint, head or neck. These low energy lasers help boost the body’s natural healing process. At the Head Pain Institute, cold laser treatment is gaining popularity due to the fact it is completely safe and comfortable. Cold laser technology can be used to treat patients of all ages and the low-level laser is a safe, painless, and non-invasive modality to treat migraine and headaches. This treatment targets damaged tissues by lowering the amount of nerve activity and preventing the migraine epicenter from being stimulated further. You can select cold laser therapy in Gainey Ranch if long-term use of medication is causing negative side effects.

Why Should Gainey Ranch Residents Choose Head Pain Institute?

At the Head Pain Institute, our head and face pain treatment experts have diagnosed, treated, and managed orofacial pain on a full-time basis with an accumulated experience of over 80 years. Be confident since our headache and migraine specialists in Gainey Ranch hold a Diplomate status from the American Board of Orofacial Pain (ABOP) and many are members of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. 

Until today, we have completed more than 12,000 procedures and treated thousands of satisfied patients. Be assured knowing that our services are supported by evidence-based diagnosis and treatment methods. In addition to offering state-of-the-art pain management treatments, our headache and migraine specialists can help patients end their dependence on potentially addictive prescription medicines. 

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