Evidence Depression Isn’t Just ‘All In Your Head’

Keywords: Depression, headache, migraine, sleep loss, orofacial pain, anxiety, and joint and muscle pain.

Depression affects many different people in many different ways. According to Lindsay Holmes at the Huffington Post, 350 million people suffer from depression worldwide and each individual deals with their depression differently than the next. Emotional symptoms include anxiety, overall sadness, and feelings of guilt. Some of the physical symptoms include headaches, joint and muscle fatigue, sleep loss, and nausea. A combination of both physical and emotional symptoms can have a serious effect on ones well-being and can escalate to dangerous thoughts of suicide. Clinicians should strongly consider treating both the physical and emotional symptoms in a patient who suffers from depression. Dr. Stan Farrell, a Diplomate with the American Board of Orofacial Pain, uses the most effective methods of treatment and works diligently to erase the physical and emotional pain caused by depression in patients of all ages. If you or someone you know struggles with depression and is experiencing headaches, face and or neck pain, please contact Dr. Stan Farrell at 480-945-3629 or at www.aztmj.com to schedule a consultation.

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