Digital Scanning : Oral appliances for TMJ

Here at AzTMJ we are crazy about quality and efficiency, that’s why we’ve gone digital. With our Lab on site and our digital imaging scanning equipment were able to create the Perfect custom fit TMJ Appliance.

Digital “impressions” are more comfortable for patients, faster for the staff, and are able to produce highly accurate images that contribute to the perfect fitting appliance.

Our 3Shape TRIOS® scanner has greatly streamlined the workflow in our office. Very often the discussions surrounding scanners pertain just to crown and bridge applications, which is logical given how much of the average dentist’s day is devoted to these procedures. But digital scanners have capabilities far beyond crowns and bridges, as you can see here.

Here at AzTMJ our digital scans give us the ability to immediately see the “impression” on the chairside screen and to magnify it to examine every aspect in detail. In addition to being much faster than a conventional impression, this process virtually guarantees that the Dr. Farrell will send our lab a complete and accurate “impression.” If something doesn’t look right, it can be rescanned in a matter of seconds. It’s no longer necessary to send an impression off to the lab and hope it pours up OK.


At AZTMJ, Dr. Stan Farrell is one of the best-qualified doctors in the country for treating TMJ pain. His state-of-the-art treatments are proven to alleviate pain over the long term without the dangers of addiction to prescribed medications. Dr. Stan Farrell’s non-invasive approach to treating TMJ, which includes the use of a dental splint device, can often reposition the jaw without discomfort and helps strengthen facial muscles to assist in maintaining the proper jaw position over the long term. If you or someone you know is experiencing jaw pain or any type of facial pain please schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Farrell at 480-945-3629 or visit us at for more information.