BOTOX® Treatments Continue to Produce Immediate Relief from the Pain & Discomfort of TMJ Syndrome

Published: Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2011
Updated: Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2011

AZ-TMJ BOTOX® Treatments Continue to Produce Immediate Relief from the Pain & Discomfort of TMJ Syndrome

Dr. Stan Farrell’s Expectations for Success Far Surpassed

AZ-TMJ is continuing to lead the way in innovative and effective treatments for severe cases of TMJ. AZ-TMJ has developed treatment methods using BOTOX® to ease painful muscle cramping and spasms, a side effect of clenching and grinding of patients’ teeth, which are often symptoms associated with TMJ/TMD. Patients who receive this treatment are consistently obtaining relief from their discomfort and often instantaneously.

“I have found this treatment to be highly effective in a substantial number of cases where the effects of other treatments are often mitigated by the presence of muscle spasms,” said Dr. Stan Farrell. “The BOTOX® treatment I have developed allows other noninvasive treatments to work much more effectively in these instances.”

BOTOX® is a mild neurotoxin that has become a popular beauty treatment but is seldom used in more serious medical applications. However, its ability to relax muscles has been found to aid in the treatment of TMJ cases where the patient is suffering from severe muscle spasms. In many cases the BOTOX® has provided immediate relief from the muscle spasms, reducing pain and allowing for other nonsurgical treatments to take place.

AZ-TMJ’s treatment is a simple, nonsurgical procedure where the BOTOX® is injected into the jaw muscle. The procedure is not time-consuming and only needs an ice pack to help with any possible inflammation. Only the areas injected with BOTOX® will be relaxed. BOTOX® treatment for TMJ therapy will not negatively affect the patient’s body. Furthermore, the FDA has approved BOTOX® for the treatment of several other migraine headache trigger points.

About AZ-TMJ

AZ-TMJ is a clinic focused on the treatment of TMJ, Severe Headaches and Sleep Apnea all of which can be symptoms of an issue with the Temporomandibular Joint, which is where the jaw connects to the cranium. The clinic is lead by Stan Farrell, DDS, FAAOP who received his training in Orofacial Pain at UCLA. He graduated from the School of Dental and Oral Surgery at Columbia University. He is a Diplomate with the American Board of Orofacial Pain. Services provided by an Arizona licensed general dentist. For information regarding TMJ relief, visit the AZ-TMJ website at or call AZ-TMJ at (480) 945-3629.

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