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There is a whole variety of underlying issues that may cause headaches. If you have been experiencing chronic pain caused by migraine, orofacial pain, ear ringing, and more, seek professional assistance from Head Pain Institute. Our expertise in these practice areas will provide lasting relief that is crucial in improving the quality of your life. Let us work with you to discover the cause of your chronic pain and develop a treatment plan that relieves your symptoms. Come and explore your options with Head Pain Institute and put an end to your prolonged suffering.

Head Pain Doctor in Apache Junction

Migraines and headaches can be triggered by various head and neck pains which are commonly associated with TMD. If they are left untreated for a prolonged period, the pain may become chronic and focused onto the nervous system which may turn out to be even harder to treat. Many medications are available today to control this condition to reduce symptoms of migraines and headaches. At Head Pain Institute, our objective is to restrict the amount of medications by helping patients to better manage their pain. In addition to the main treatment, we also address contributing factors to decrease or control pain triggers and reduce their frequency and intensity.

Cold Laser Treatment in Apache Junction

Cold laser treatment is a method that utilizes light energy to enter deep into the tissues that surround the temporomandibular joint along with the joint itself. High-energy lasers emit laser light that is used to cut tissues with more than 100 watts of energy, whereas the therapeutic lasers in this treatment make use of just 0.5 watts of energy and do not heat up the tissues. Laser machines that are used for therapy can produce larger areas of laser light which are effective for treatment. This makes cold laser comfortable and safe, having been approved by the FDA to deal with pain. Firstly, inflammation gets reduced which subsequently enhances the healing of tissues with the stimulation of red blood cell formation within the affected region.

Why Should Apache Junction Residents Choose Head Pain Institute?

At Head Pain Institute, we rely on diagnosis and treatments that are based on evidence. We dedicate our time and expertise into delivering profound research findings in dentistry and medicine through the wide variety of services which we provide for pain relief. Our team specializes in the treatment of TMJ/TMD disorders, sleep apnea, and head and neck pain. We make use of non-surgical treatment methods that are less invasive and are based on professional diagnosis. Every single one of our specialists is a Diplomate with the American Board of Orofacial Pain and a majority of us are also members of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

If you have more inquiries about our head pain doctors and cold laser treatment services in Apache Junction, feel free to call us at (602) 806-6555 or send an email to info@headpaininstitute.com.

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