5 Ways Stem Cells Ease Pain

Many people are suffering from debilitating chronic pain. Chronic pain can not only lower one’s quality of life, but also reduce the ability to work, engage in hobbies, and care for oneself.

Until recently, modern medicine offered very few solutions for people who suffer from this pain. However, stem cells are showing a great deal of promise in the treatment of a variety of chronic pain disorders.

There are five main ways that stem cell treatments have been found to be effective in reducing pain.

1. Rebuild Damaged Structures

Stem cells have the potential to become any kind of human tissue. Thus, they can actually reverse some of the damage involved in chronic pain disorders.

For example, they can potentially rebuild cartilage in joints affected by degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis. The result is that stem cells often reverse the underlying cause of pain and thus stop the pain permanently and safely.

2. Restore Healthy Nerve Action

Neurological problems are a root cause of many different kinds of chronic pain. Neuropathy can cause numbness and tingling, but also intense, sharp, burning sensations that are excruciating.

Stem cells can help to heal nerves and restore good nervous supply to areas that lack it. This often relieves or eliminates neuropathic pain and other kinds of pain related to nerve damage.

3. Prevent Further Deterioration

A single injury or site of damage can create a never-ending cycle of pain and damage. The cartilage damage involved in arthritis, for example, leads to damage to the soft tissues and bones that cartilage is intended to protect.

Stem cells help to rebuild the body’s natural defenses against long term damage, preventing the cycle of deterioration that has left so many people disabled by constant pain.

4. Increase Blood Flow To The Area

Stem cells contain factors that increase angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels. This increases blood flow to areas of damage.

This is significant because blood carries not only oxygen and blood cells, but also restorative factors and pain relieving biochemical such as endorphins.

This increased blood flow can relieve pain and increase healing, allowing for a faster recovery.

5. Improve Mobility

The end result of all of the aforementioned benefits of stem cells is that they can improve mobility immensely. Increased mobility in itself is a protective factor against pain.

People who can move around can do the physical therapies and exercises that doctors recommend to reduce pain.

This also leads to higher quality of life and lower rates of disability. Many people need a simple “reset button” to stop the endless cycles of damage and disability. Stem cells over the hope of a cure to many who suffer from chronic pain.

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Stem cells are being shown in a multitude of studies to treat chronic pain by curing or improving the underlying conditions that cause it. They are safe and effective, with very low risk of side effects.

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