5 Ways Stem Cell Therapy Reduces TMJ Pain

TMJ is a painful condition that causes chronic pain in the jaw. Many people suffer from this pain with no relief in sight. This condition can cause chronic inflammation in the jaw.

Symptoms include pain in the jaw and clicking or grinding when moving the jaw. Treatments include pharmaceutical medication as well as home treatments. Physical therapy may also be needed for TMJ relief, but this cannot happen unless pain relief is achieved. These may not always work well, and people may still suffer from TMJ pain.

However, stem cells may be the answer for people that suffer from the symptoms of TMJ. Stem cells are becoming increasingly popular as more research has shown great promise in the treatment of many chronic pain disorders. Keep reading for 5 ways stem cell treatments will help to reduce pain from TMJ.

  1. Restores Healthy Nerves

The pain from TMJ is caused by nerve issues. Stem cells can help to regenerate these nerves and make them healthy. As the stem cells regenerate the nerve, it will help to restore normal function to the jaw. This will eliminate neuropathic pain.

  1. Prevents Further Damage

Treatment with stem cells can help to prevent further damage from TMJ. Over time damage to the jawbone can form arthritis. This can damage the cartilage as well as soft tissues. Stem cells can help to ensure that no further damage happens to the jawbone and surrounding tissues.

  1. Rebuilds Damaged Areas

Stem cells can become anything. For example, if there is tissue that has been damaged in the jaw, they can replace that damaged tissue in no time. Stem cells can help to reverse a lot of the damage that has been caused by TMJ. Stem cells will reverse the underlying cause, eliminating the pain and allowing for regrowth.

  1. Improves Mobility

People who suffer from TMJ pain often cannot move their jaw all the way. It may hurt to eat or talk. This can seriously hurt a person’s quality of life. Stem cells can help to improve mobility by decreasing the pain. Once a person has begun stem cell treatment, they will be able to start physical therapy and other treatment options for their TMJ to experience complete relief.

  1. Increases Blood Flow

When stem cells are used for the treatment of TMJ, they help to increase the formation of new blood cells. This will help to increase blood cells going to the affected area. This will help to alleviate pain by transferring endorphins to the area. It will also promote healing by sending oxygen and red blood cells to the area.

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