5 Benefits of RIT (Regenerative Injection Therapy)

Woman with neck painRegenerative Injection Therapy, or RIT, has recently been gaining popularity in the medical community for its ability to alleviate a variety of chronic pain symptoms. RIT is unique in that it works with the body’s healing mechanisms to promote tissue regeneration and pain relief.

Unlike traditional treatments such as surgery or medication, RIT works naturally with the body to accelerate healing, without the need for extensive downtime. Because RIT works to heal the source of pain rather than simply mask it, it is quickly becoming an attractive option for patients seeking effective alternatives to traditional treatments.

To help you understand this incredible therapy, here are five benefits of RIT:

1. RIT Requires Little to No Downtime

One of the most attractive benefits of regenerative medicine is the lack of downtime it requires.

Unlike surgical treatments or medications, RIT does not require the patient the alter their lifestyle after treatment. Often, pain medications require individuals to cease activity for several hours due to dangerous side effects, while surgery often requires days or weeks of recovery.

Because RIT is minimally invasive, patients can generally resume normal activity levels while enjoying the long-term benefits that stem cells provide.

2. RIT Has Very Few Side Effects

Unlike surgery or medication, the risk of side effects as result of RIT is very low. Occasionally, patients may experience increased pain after injections, but it is typically mild to moderate and dissipates within days.

Similarly, the risk of infection from RIT is extremely low. Unlike surgery, regenerative medicine is minimally invasive, effectively decreasing the likelihood that harmful bacteria may enter the body.

3. RIT Benefits Numerous Conditions

RIT is unique in that it has applications for several medical conditions. While most treatments are condition-specific, RIT has the potential to benefits a wide variety of conditions.

Everything from neurodegenerative disorders to osteoarthritis and muscular damage can benefit from regenerative therapy.

4. RIT Combats the Source of Pain

Rather than relying on over-the-counter or prescription medications to manage pain, RIT relies on the body’s own healing capabilities. When given the proper tools, the body is very capable of healing itself, but due to age and degeneration, the body slowly loses some of its healing capacity.

RIT, however, has the ability to combat degenerative conditions and injuries at their source. Because it can restore damaged tissues, it treats the source of pain rather than simply treating the symptoms.

5. RIT Treats New and Long-Standing Damage

Whether a patient has recently incurred an injury or has been suffering from chronic pain for years, RIT can be a viable option for relief.

Over time, tissues within the body begin to break down, resulting in debilitating joint pain, muscular pain and even neurological deterioration. As this degeneration progresses, patients begin to experience chronic pain.

Because RIT stimulates a healing response within the body, it encourages new tissue growth even in areas with long-standing and progressive damage.

Similarly, patients who’ve undergone a recent injury can benefit from RIT’s ability to combat tissue damage.

Even world-class athletes regularly take advantage of this therapy due to its regenerative capabilities and lack of downtime.

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