5 Advantages Of Regenerative Injection Therapy For TMJ Treatment

Regenerative injection therapy is a type of therapy that can help relieve pain from issues that arise in the muscles or joints. It is one of the different TMJ therapy options that Head Pain Institute offers and is able to help accelerate the natural healing process of the body. Regenerative injection therapy aims to relieve pain and quicken tissue turnover, thus promoting healing. Here are some advantages of regenerative injection therapy for TMJ treatment that you should know about.

Repairs Tissues and Faster Healing

Regenerative injection therapy can help to repair tissues, especially for ligaments and tendons that are injured. This therapy can also be used on the temporomandibular joint to facilitate healing. If tissues surrounding the TMJ are inflamed, it can help to reduce the pain and promote tissue renewal.

This therapy can also help to accelerate the speed of healing as compared to other conventional treatment methods. With a higher rate of tissue renewal, the natural healing function of the body is enhanced, leading to faster healing of injured or inflamed tissues that may be causing pain in the TMJ.

Minimal Recovery Time Required

After undergoing regenerative injection therapy, many patients are able to return to their normal daily activities soon after. This is because there are few side effects to the procedure which shaves off a large portion of recovery time. Some of the most common side effects faced by those who have undergone such therapy include discomfort at the site of injection or minor bruising. This is unlike other major procedures like surgery, which requires a significantly longer period of downtime.

General Anesthesia and Medication Is Not Needed

Patients who undergo regenerative injection therapy will not need to be put under general anesthesia or pain medication. This quick and fuss-free therapy option ensures that there is minimal discomfort for patients, which makes it a popular therapy option today.

Low Risk of Side Effects

Generally, regenerative injection therapy is considered to be a low-risk treatment option as the body will rely on its own natural healing abilities. Regenerative injection therapy facilitates the speed of tissue renewal, supporting the body’s natural healing function to combat the source of pain.

Beneficial for Many Conditions

Regenerative injection therapy has the potential to benefit many different types of conditions, especially for injuries that involve the muscles and the joints. Although this therapy is generally used in specific areas and conditions, it can benefit other areas or conditions in the body as well.

Head Pain Institute Offers Regenerative Injection Therapy

If you are suffering from TMJ pain and are seeking effective treatments that require little downtime, you should definitely consider regenerative injection therapy. Regenerative injection therapy is a safe and effective treatment option that can help accelerate the healing in your body. Our skilled team of professionals can assess your condition and recommend the best treatments for the pain that you experience. Feel free to contact us to find out more about regenerative injection therapy for TMJ treatment today.